Wisco Moran Drilling Company’s objectives in the fulfillment of our HSE policy are:

  • To be our industry’s leader in occupational health, safety, and environmental conservation.
  • To give health, safety, and environmental considerations a “core value” status in all company operations.
  • To ensure that no job starts without verification that all essential safety systems are in place and that operations will be suspended before safety is compromised.
  • To strongly establish that unsafe work practices are unacceptable.
  • To continually evaluate and improve occupational health, safety, and environmental procedures.
  • To ensure that all WMDC employees acknowledge their personal responsibility in recognizing and eliminating hazards that would cause injury to themselves and others.
  • To require that all WMDC employees actively participate in the development and execution of our occupational health, safety, and environmental program.
  • To train WMDC employees to conserve resources, to minimize waste, and to work conscientiously with respect to environmental protection.

Our Policy:

It is our desire to provide a safe workplace, and safe equipment and to establish safe and environmentally sound practices at all company locations. Our policy is that all levels of management, beginning with the president and including operational officers, superintendents, and tool pushers are charged with the maintenance and enforcement of our health, safety, and environmental program.  We emphasize that working safely is a team effort, and every employee should ensure that he and his fellow workers are conducting safe operations.  Each employee has the authority and the obligation to stop operations to prevent accidents of every nature.  We must all accept our responsibility to eliminate accidents, occupational illness, and pollution in the workplace.